Who We Are Or I am :) ?

Well, i am Mirza 26 years from Pakistan,(Hunza in the Karakorum) my village name is shimshal, a frontier valley of Pakistan !  a wonderful settlement with amazing and unique culture plus world known mountaineers!
I am a student of Tourism Management  and struggling Mountaineer, new tour operator! i am a self grown man, started working with tourists as Porter, then cook helper and finally a mountain plus tour guide! beside my studies ,i start climbing in the age of 16 ,which is a record age and only the young in Pakistan to do this height in this very  young age!
my passion for mountains are no match to my other desire, i am a self motivated and passionate mountaineer and nature lover! i am more in to nature and peace mountains, i want to be in the mountains round the year! i am a loyal and honest guy (tooo much man 😛 )
i want to contribute and promote adventurism in my country since the scope and potential is incredible, beside this i am very keen to promote women adventurism at a larger scale with my first step of making first women expedition and making its documentary.
my main target is to be the first Pakistani to make all the summits (fourteen 8000m) and its my life dream and objective!
in short i am very strict,sensitive and serious, rational retentive and realistic (though not much  🙂 )
i love what i love the Most !
its enough for now!  more will come later!


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