Posted by: ketpakistan | March 22, 2010

karakorum Spantik 2009

Karakorum Spantik Expedition was one of the best experience in my career, the way i learnt from this expedition i never had the experience before! this gave me an opportunity to learn and to lead! i am confident after this expedition that i have experienced some very tough and hard time and at last i have gained a lot from the friends and family !

Michael who is one of my most respected friend ,who was with me on this expedition, you can see him in the video, he guide me a lot after the expedition, he is a soft and nice nature man, loves always to smile and live like a man of nature, he is strong and brave man. his guidance and suggestions are always in my mind every step i think about mountains! thank you Michael for your guidance and suggestions!

though spantik expedition was one of the crazy initiative and step to organize this expedition! some people misguide me and tempt me but finally create big big problem,but still it was my first experience and i accept it with big heart!
however for learning one has to take a step and risk in adventure is at every step !


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