Posted by: ketpakistan | February 26, 2010

Karakorum Expeditions & Tours

“In pursuit of peaks & perfection”“Experience creates Excellence”
Karakorum Expeditions & Tours

KET is a group of highly qualified and experienced tourism professionals who have worked in the tourism industry for the last twenty years. KET has the skill and experience necessary to ensure a first-rate travel experience.

KET’s experience and expertise covers everything from extreme adventures to luxurious tours and laid-back safaris. The team organizes rock & ice climbing, trekking, and tours in some of the most remote and inspirational settings on Earth, places that still have yet to be fully explored. The team has a vision to explore these regions with their clients, and experience vistas previously unseen.

KET is comprised of climbing instructors (who are themselves top climbers), high altitude porters (who guarantee a safe and successful journey), able mountain and culture tour guides, and trained cooks. These skilled professionals have been working with different touring companies for numerous years, and their collective experience and talents allows us to provide exceptional service.

KET is based in Islamabad and serves clients in every sphere of tourism, in various parts of Pakistan. We invite all those with an interest in nature, adventure, trekking, and other research to join our team for a fun, exciting and unforgettable trip. We welcome people from every walk of life to relish our incomparable service.
We hope that whenever you need a qualified and experienced tour operator, you will provide KET with the opportunity to meet your needs reliably and responsibly.



  1. I am very impressed by the extreme passion of each of you you not summits that one with the nature…
    Through diverse videos, we measure well the efforts not after not to arrive at the final goal I admire you all and especially thank you for making us share these extreme experiences but where the limit of the man in such efforts!!!

    Take to you and yours

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